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ThemeVision helps clients assess public attitudes and beliefs about specific issues such as proposed legislation, community developments, and public policies. Data from the general population or particular target groups can be obtained through a variety of survey and research methodologies tailored to the client’s specific needs and goals. Together, ThemeVision’s professionals bring decades of experience in opinion research and survey methodologies. ThemeVision’s opinion research services include:

  • public opinion polls (including telephone polls and internet polls),
  • public opinion data analysis,
  • focus group research,
  • ThemeTesting® research,
  • theme development, and
  • presentation development and testing.
Criminal Bid-Rigging Trial- Kentucky
Provided extensive consulting on behalf of the defense in preparation for a three-week, federal, jury trial in a case involving bids submitted to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet for highway construction contracts. The United States accused the defendants of conspiracy, bribery, and obstruction of justice. Our efforts included multiple phases of consulting and research, including community attitude surveys, ThemeTesting® focus group studies, development of demonstrative exhibits, theme development, development of a juror profile, and assisting with jury selection. Result: After about eight hours of deliberation, the jury found both defendants not guilty on all counts.
Product Liability Case Involving FEMA Trailer- Louisiana
Conducted a community attitude survey in New Orleans on behalf of the defense in a case involving a serious injury that occurred in a FEMA trailer following Hurricane Katrina. The survey helped the trial team evaluate the importance and prevalence of certain pre-existing beliefs and attitudes within the New Orleans community and assess the potential impact those beliefs and attitudes may have on juror perceptions of key defense arguments.
Telephone Survey Regarding Attitudes Toward Jury Duty- Indiana
Conducted the IndianaViews survey of 400 Indiana residents regarding their attitudes toward being summoned for jury duty by an Indiana state court. 
Telephone Survey Regarding Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton- Indiana
Conducted the IndianaViews political poll of 400 Indiana voters regarding the 2008 Democratic Presidential campaign.
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