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ThemeVision’s trial consultants routinely assist corporate and individual policyholders and their counsel in matters related to their property and casualty insurance coverage. Where potentially dispositive issues will be heard by the court, ThemeVision’s trial consultants use hearing simulation methodologies – essentially, mock bench trials and mock hearings -- to empirically assess the effectiveness of briefing, demonstrative exhibits, and oral arguments.

Where insurance coverage issues will be tried to a jury, ThemeVision’s trial consultants employ a variety of social science methodologies (including focus groups, mock trials, jury simulation studies, and other methodologies) to assist trial teams with developing effective themes, arguments, demonstrative evidence, and jury selection strategies.
Jury Trial: Insurance Coverage Dispute- Tennessee
Provided extensive consulting to the plaintiff in an insurance coverage case in Davidson County, Tennessee. A series of focus group and mock trial studies were conducted to test the strength of the plaintiff and defense evidence under differing case scenarios that could result from rulings on pretrial motions. In addition to jury research, we assisted with the development of case themes, a juror profile, jury selection, and demonstrative exhibits. Result: $204 million verdict.
Insurance Coverage Dispute Involving Pharmaceutical Company- Indiana
Conducted a ThemeTesting® focus group study in a case pending in the Southern District of Indiana. The plaintiff pharmaceutical company claimed that several insurance carriers breached their contract with the pharmaceutical company. The ThemeTesting study helped the trial team evaluate how jurors would perceive the insurance contract and the motives of the parties. The ThemeTesting study contributed to a strategically favorable settlement for our client.  
Insurance Coverage Dispute: Arbitration- Illinois
Conducted a mock arbitration project using a sample of former federal judges as mock arbitrators in an insurance coverage action.  Developed demonstrative exhibits for use at arbitration.
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