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ThemeVision's litigation consulting is not limited to issues before trial courts. We consult on cases at the appellate level in state and federal courts. Our consultants recruit former, and sometimes senior status, appellate judges to serve as focus groups for briefing and oral arguments. Like mock jurors at the trial court level, the appellate "mock judges" receive key information in a controlled and unbiased manner. Their reactions and decisions are then precisely recorded and analyzed. The result is a telling glimpse into the minds of the appellate judiciary and a chance for the appellate team to hone the themes and legal arguments.

ThemeVision also prepares e-briefs that may be filed in certain appellate courts. An e-brief is an electronic/digital version of a brief that includes the same text that appears in a print version of the brief, but also provides hyperlinks to cited authorities (including links directly to pages designated in pinpoint citations), exhibits, court transcripts and records, and preceding briefs. Supporting materials in the form of photographs, videos, animations, or 3-D models can also be hyperlinked.

Appellate: Class Action re Alleged Price-Fixing- Kentucky
Conducted a mock appellate argument on behalf of the defendants-appellees in an appeal before the Sixth Circuit. A panel of former federal judges reviewed as-filed appellate briefing and heard mock oral arguments. Information on the judges' analysis of, and reactions to, the briefs and oral arguments was gathered through private questionnaires and a focus group discussion with the judges.  The judges' feedback, which was analyzed by ThemeVision and discussed with the trial team, influenced the ultimate presentation to the Sixth Circuit. Result: ThemeVision's client prevailed, with the Sixth Circuit affirming the district court's summary judgment.
E-Brief Submitted to the Supreme Court of Texas- Texas
Developed e-briefs submitted to the Supreme Court of Texas in a wrongful death case.  The e-briefs included links to all case law and record citations, as well as links to videos, illustrations, and animations.
Criminal Election Fraud- Kentucky
Conducted a mock briefing project in which draft and actual appellate briefs were sent to a panel of former appellate judges in advance of filing with the court.  The appellate judges were surveyed regarding their reactions to the briefing and participated in a moderated conference call to further share their thoughts and opinions regarding the briefs.  The comments of the panel of former judges were evaluated by ThemeVision and by the legal team, with many of the judges' questions and comments being addressed in the briefing that was ultimately filed with the court.  Ultimately, ThemeVision's client prevailed, with the appellate court overturning the decision below. 
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